David has a Pit bull .

David is needing help with: I want him to be shredded and strong.

Some additional info on his dog:

Age: Under 12 Months
Dog food brand: CanineX chicken meal sport
Health issues: No the vet said he checked out.
Physical injuries: He use to be a fighting pit till I rescued him. So he has a few scars.
Exercise: He plays outside with a husky for a few hours. And sometimes I can get him to run around the yard if I pretend to chase him. That only lasts for about 5-10 min.
Spayed or Neutered? No
Indoor or Outdoor: Both
Supplements: Yes
How many times do you feed a day: 2 Times
Photo: AC35DC18-AC65-4A51-AA31-217F07D3BC0E.jpeg