Alison has a American Bully.

Alison is needing help with: I want something that is healthly and as natural as possible. I would like to find something that doesn’t have to many “fillers” but more meat products. I was under the impression that’swhat his current food was but after looking further online, I was shocked to find the first ingredient is a “meal” or by-product. I do not want to cram a bunch of crap in him and it hurt his health down the road either and shortening his life just to look good now. if there is such a thing out there.

Some additional info on his dog:

Age: Under 12 Months
Dog food brand: Bully Max
Health issues: no
Physical injuries: no
Exercise: daily walks, running in yard, playing/wrestling with son
Spayed or Neutered? No
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoors
Supplements: Yes
How many times do you feed a day: 3 Times
Photo: 20190104_095505.jpg